Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Colorado

So after doing two of these "Awkward & Awesome" posts I've decided that I really do like them a lot. They make me re-examine my week that has blown by and actually help me remember that it's almost Friday!


  • Waking up this morning (Thursday) thinking that it was Friday! Ugh... I hate when that happens and it's been happening all week....I've been a day off every day when I wake up. 
  • Walking out of a building today looking at something on my phone and being so distracted that I completely tripped down a curb and with a girl walking behind me and trying to pretend she didn't see it... girl pretending not to see me trip and almost REALLY hurt myself... it happens all the time I am not embarrassed I'm just awkward!
  • Walking with my friends this past weekend and tripped over a VERY tiny crack.  I mean so tiny I have no clue how I completely lost balance and used my friend as support to make sure I didn't topple over in front of a restaurant. Yes I'm clumsy can you tell?
  • Being so dang tall.  I'm 5'9" and I LOVE heels.  My job entails me to meet new people every day and over the past two weeks I've had numerous people A) Ask how tall I am B) Tell me that I'm so tall I don't need to wear heels be(cause they were clearly not comfortable because I was towering over them. This also includes a very old man looking up at me shaking his head saying you don't need to wear those things your already so tall! Yup, no idea who that man was.
  • Downtown Denver! I went down there for dinner last night and they have beautiful lights streaming across the streets (see picture above).  It feels magical!
  • The BF is finally all moved into his apartment (three buildings over- same complex as me)! Seeing him is so much easier than driving 20 minutes.  I know 20 minutes isn't terrible - but since he was up the street from me in KC, 20 minutes is like five states over for me now!
  • Feeling a tiny bit more comfortable with my new job.  Every week feels so different, but a good different.  It's nice to feel like you've got a handle on things every once and a while.  While it's not even close to where I'd like to be, conquering each week feeling like I've done a better job than the week before feels AWESOME.
  • Being in L.O.V.E. Don't you just love those moments when you have the most perfect kiss with the person you love the most.  I get them A LOT :) 
Happy Thursday and almost Friday friends! 


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