Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Attempt

At getting back into a routine.  Like I said, with all this moving and new job stuff I've tried desperately to get this routine going.  So here I am with my second attempt with "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays" starting by The Daybook.


  • Being in week two of my new job and feeling completely and utterly lost.  I had been at my last job so long I forgot what it was like to be "new" and trying to learn the ropes all over again... I wish I could click my ruby red slippers and magically be six months in the future so I can be over this phase of my job
  • Sitting here trying to remember awkward moments of my week, but even sitting here for 20 minutes staring at the computer cannot remember my week for the life of me.  If just got away from me! Ever have those weeks?
  • Being in Target with my friends Kara and going to the red phone to get help with a "team lift" on a desk I wanted to buy, I call the line to get assistance, and the recording said someone would be there in 60 seconds.... I turned to Kara and laughed that they actually thought someone would be there in 60 seconds (it sounded to fast), to be mid-sentence and have a Target employee standing right behind me. I turned bright red of course! 
  • Being introduced to someone through a glass window..... He waved.... I waved and smiled and he waved again (btw he is old) 
  • Sitting on my couch writing this post (post-workout), and Mia (my kitty) jumps up behind me sits down and starts licking my face (yes... she was licking sweat) - SICK!
  • Working out again - someone consistently! 
  • Family dinners at the BF's parents house - living away from home for so long and actually having a family (well his family) to see weekly is refreshing.  Gosh I wished my mom and my sister lived closer to me
  • Catching up on all my shows this week after weeks of getting behind - holler at my Glee, Grey's, Private Practice, and Vampire Diaries fans! 
  • Being ALMOST moved into my apartment - still have some boxes to go and building a desk (well Walt is doing most of the work)
  • Grace (white little pup above) and Mia (kitty) are buds. She normally hides from dogs but was apparently okay with Grace Face. My favorite is the last photo when I was trying to get a pictures of Mia and Grace popped her head in the pictures, she reminds me of her mom and my bestie Kara
  • That tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited for the weekend!

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