Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Week

No matter how tired I am right now, and no matter how bad I want to be in bed, I wanted to get my A&A post in today because I actually made little notes something awkward happened to me this week! I knew if I ever wanted to be decent at these Thursday posts I would need to start writing stuff down, otherwise I'd be staring at my screen for an hour trying to remember what happened that day, not even able to recall the past SEVEN days!

  • Waiting in line to return something at Ikea this past weekend and an Ikea employee basically plows me over not watching where he was going.  I mean body slammed me! 
  • In Ace Hardware parking lot I was busy paying attention to what the people next to me were doing to their car that I put my car in drive and ran right into the big cement parking block.  Of course the strangers I was watching were not watching me! 
  • Watching someone who shall remain nameless try and show me how much "easier" it was to speak into their smart phone as it typed for them.  15 minutes later the two sentence text was complete after multiple backspaces and repeating themselves. It took everything in me to be like yaaaaa that looks handy.  NOT.  I'd rather call the person at that point.
  • The second picture above.  I was trying to be ultra awkward when trying to pose with Tori dog because she wouldn't sit still so I figured if I sat still so would she!
  • After a nice banquet tonight I was ready to get out of my Spanx so I opted to remove them while going through the parking garage because I was SO uncomfortable.  The feeling was AWESOME to be free from those things!
  • My friend Kristin was in town from KC with her hubby Adam and their golden retriever Tori! See the first pic! She's cute isn't she? They got this amazing deal at this resort/outdoor person's dreamland not too far outside of Denver (well kind far about 4 hours), but totally worth the stop in Denver last night.  Hence why I didn't get around to a post yesterday.
  • Finding great finds at Nordy Rack. Every single time I have been there in the past I have never been able to find anything.  This time I found two pairs of shoes, a running top, and a work top (lame I know).  Cha- Ching! 
  • My sister booked her flight to come see me in a week. I am SO excited for her to visit me in Denver and visit Denver for the first time in general. Wahoo! Hope I can convince her to move here.  Crossing my fingers. 

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