Monday, October 24, 2011

Football vs. Tailgating?

Which do you prefer?

If you ask me, I'd hands down say tailgating :) No I am not a lush.

One of my best friends, Sarah, visited Kara and me this weekend from Portland, OR. Her BF went to CU and seeing as they were now living in Oregon they thought it only to be fitting to come to the CU vs. Oregon game Saturday.

I had already committed to a party bus (yes I am still going on party buses and I'm 26...), so didn't get a chance to drive up with Sarah, Kara and their BFs so I was oober excited to hang out with them when they got to the tailgate. After everyone decided it was time to go into the game, and I knew Sarah and Kara would be outside tailgating, I opted to trade my ticket to Sarah's BF, who went to CU, to stay outside and tailgate with the girls.

GREAT choice considering CU got pummeled by Oregon and I had a great time with my girlfriends.

So there you have it - tailgating with great friends vs. watching the actual game does have more benefits form the way I see it!

Sarah (Left), Me (Middle), Kara (Right)

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  1. I couldn't agree more!

    My friends and I used to tailgate then go eat during the game where we could watch on tv. Some people would be up in arms about that, but I loved it.

    Smart girl!


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