Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I See, You See.

Here we are again my friends, another "I See, You See" for this week.

Our theme: FALL

With the seasons changing we thought it was only fitting to choose a season as our theme this week.  The beginning of October to me means the weather is starting to cool down, leaves are changing colors, swapping out my Summer clothes for Fall/Winter clothes, getting to wear boots (one of my favorite things about Fall), and football.... well... tailgating (although I don't get to tailgate like I used to when I lived near KU).

When Megan suggested that we do Fall, at first I was going to do someone falling.... then as I was at the BF's parents house I noticed beautiful trees/leaves changing colors all around, I HAD to include the weather change in my picture for this week!

Now Meggy took a different approach...

My favorite thing about Fall is switching out my closet to get ready for the new season, especially breaking out my boots!   I have a lot more where these came from, but these are my favorite boots that will get me into Fall and through winter.  My favorite thing to wear boots with... tights!  Bright colored tights.  We'll see how I'm able to do that 8 to 9 months pregnant this season!

Hope you're all having a great start to your week! Does this post get you excited for Fall? Tell us about it!

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