Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I See. You See.

YIPEEEEE!!! It's almost hump day! Part of me feels like this week is dragging on and the other part of me wonders what the heck happened to Monday and Tuesday.  Ever have those days?

For today's theme Megan and I went with "low angles." When you think of low angles do you think of something looking up or looking down at something? We had to have a  quick chat about what exactly the plan of attack was for this one.

For me, lately I have had this weird fascination with just laying on my bedroom floor and playing with Mia.  My bed is about one foot away and for whatever reason I decide to lay on the floor.  I think it's because now my apartment is carpeted, whereas before I had a grungy carpet I've had for years laying on top of my wooden floor and it just wasn't the same OR comfortable.

So when I was laying there earlier this week I thought, "hey, this counts as a low angle!" BOOM! Got it!

I love how it darkens everything except the bright lights.  I must admit I didn't mean to do this :) But I like it.

Now for Meggy... here is what she thought of when we decided on low angles:

I was trying to show off the bump from a view below, but the picture turned out a bit different. I swear I wasn't trying to show you up my nice, but at least I'm boot free! So here is my self take low angle shot for this week. 

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