Monday, October 17, 2011

Bracelet Swap Numero Dos!

I loved it the first time so I did it again!

Meggy from ChasingDavies hosted her second friendship bracelet swap and I couldn't wait to be a part of it! I had so much fun the last time making and getting my bracelet, I had to partake.  However... I did not take the fact I was moving, starting a new job, trying to get my life organized in general while maintaining some sort of social life. That aside, I made a commitment and I knew I wouldn't regret it so I took the dive and signed up for the swap.

My partner... Suzy from Bichonluvr's Closet.  She's from Virginia which made it even more fun! I've never met anyone virtually or in person from Virginia. Now I have a  new blog friend there!

With both of our schedules crazy busy we agreed on pushing the date back a bit so we could give our bracelets the dedication they needed. I took a trip over to the local Ace Hardware store and went to town. LITERALLY.  I came out with more nuts and bolts than I needed for five bracelets! Typical of me.

Welp after looking at Megan's bracelet Pinterest board, I got a few ideas. I loved making the last bracelet I made for GS Lillian based on Honestly WTF's DIY guide, so I opted to try it out again but get the right supplies this time.  Last time I used the wrong thread and leather, it turned out decent, but I wanted to do it RIGHT this time!

After finishing that one up, I was still in an artsy mood so I made another bracelet for Suzy. Megan made this one a while back and said it wasn't too hard to make, so I gave it a shot.

You'll have to pop over to Suzy's blog to check out the final products.

Now for the best part.... What Suzy made me! Would you believe it was the same bracelet I made for her! The Honestly WTF Wrap Bracelet. How funny! What was even more crazy, I decided to make mine a double wrap bracelet.  Last time I tried the one time wrap, and went crazzzzzzy this time around! She did the same thing! Great minds think alike I guess!

Without boring you too much about my obsession with this bracelet swap I'll show you the final product form Suzy.

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  1. Oh I MISS your face!!!! Pretty girl. Love the bracelet!


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