Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I See. You See.

Jumping right in today, Meggy and I went with the theme:

Downward Angle

I drive around in the mountains all day every day so of course I naturally wanted to take pictures from the top of a mountain.  However, with one week's time I just couldn't squeeze it in without hiking over my lunch period.

With that being said, tonight I freaked out because I wasn't sure what I was going to show you all being the procrastinator I am. Enter WALT. It's our five year anniversary celebration tonight (it was on the 21st and we are just now getting around to going to dinner to celebrate). I opted to go with the downward angle of taking an "anniversary picture" of ourselves (we do it every year). I especially love this picture because it shows off both of our blue eyes.

Now what did Meggy see this week from her downward angle?

Last week you got to see up my nose, this week the view from a top is a bit more artsy.  Well, if blurry means artsy, then yes.  But I love all the colors looking down - my poncho over my baby bump and yellow shoes blurred out.  This photo reminds me of Fall.  All the bold and bright colors.  You can see more about this outfit here.

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  1. aww so cute! hope you had/have a fantastic anniversary celebration


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