Monday, May 2, 2011


First, I have to apologize for my lack of posts the past couple of days.

My weekend was filled with going away parties and engagement showers and NO internet.  I am needless to say, NOT happy with my cable/internet provider (Time Warner Cable), and their inability to provide good customer service.

Now onto the BEST part of my weekend. Mandi's surprise

Three of my friend Mandi's bridesmaids (Myself, Kara, Katie, and Sarah) have been hearing Mandi talk about wanting a beagle puppy SO bad lately and how she wanted to get one this Summer. We thought why not speed up the process and get her a beagle puppy as a surprise for her wedding/engagement shower gift!

After endless hours of looking online for the cutest and best beagle puppy we could find, we found her in Bethany, MO (2.5 hours away from KC). We took her fiance Matt to get his approval (we didn't want to be the ones to blame completely if she turned into a little monster that tore up everything and barked all night...ha! ) He fell in LOVE with her and immediately said this is her. We gave them the down payment, waited two weeks and Kara and I went to pick her up the night before the engagement party.  The puppy stayed with me all night Friday and Saturday, I of course fell in love with her and decided the sooner I can get a baby puppy of my own the better... but needs to be when I am in a house not a box.

Long story short I wrapped a huge box with a lid as a present and we hid the puppy in the car (yes the windows were open and it wasn't hot outside so she was fine) as we waited for the present opening to start.  Anxiety immediately kicked in once word started to spread about our surprise and all of us were SO worried all the commotion would cause Mandi to be suspicious.

Finally, when the last gift card was being opened, I flagged down Kara's boyfriend to go get Katie and Kara who had the dog in the box with a big bow on her neck.

They walked in and placed the box on Mandi's lap and Mandi immediately was asking why the box had holes in it. She started to open our card and Matt and another bridesmaid were asking what the heck she was doing and to just open the box! She pulled off the lid and out comes the puppy! Mandi was FREAKING out.  It was the best surprise EVER.  Her reaction was priceless as she cried, laughed, cried some more (tears of happiness of course).  So stinkin' cute. Now for the photos to show you what all the commotion was about with this cute little pup they named Millie.

Mandi's Suprise Face! PRICELESS


 A little fun fact. The named her Millie to go with the "M's" they have for Mandi and Matt and they are also getting married at Mildale Farm. Cute, right?


  1. YAAAAYY!!!!! :)

  2. OMG, that Millie is soooo cute! Good pic of her all curled up.


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