Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome First Timer

Lindsay and Me
Lindsay and Lisa
Me, Lindsay, Lisa (Crappy Picture Sorry)
*Please excuse the iPone pictures, I didn't want to haul around my camera at the Lil' Wayne

This is my very first week linking up for Awkward and Awesome Thursdays with The Daybook and I'm excited to try out something new on my little bloggy.

So here we go...


  • Every time I travel some random person always wants to strike up conversation with me.  Not sure what it is and if there is a stamp that only random strangers in an airport see, but it happens EVERY TIME. A man in the airport to NYC started to talk to me about the giant/scary security guy and then proceeded to find me and post up next to me while we waited for the plane to get there. I soon got up to get a water to avoid awkward conversation.
  • Along with the last point, I was also traveling last Friday very early and the woman behind me whacked me in the head and I was so frustrated with the delay we already had and then on top of it she hit me I just covered my face to prevent myself from exploding.  Guy next to me proceeded to tap me (with my earphones in) to make sure I was okay because he could sense my melt down.
  • Having to tell BF over half way to the airport that I forgot my cell phone at home and we had to turn around and get it.... 
  • Going take a drug test for my new job this morning, not realizing it would involve peeing in a cup so I peed right when I got up.  Get to the place, learn that I had to pee in a cup and not being able to go pee for 45 minutes (1 million cups of water later)... Let's just say I'm very hydrated now and I peed at least 100 times following my test! 
  • In my interview last week the interviewer was flailing his arms all over the place as he asked me questions and I thought he was crazy until I noticed there was a small fly that kept flying in front of his face
  • Getting a new job AND moving to Denver, CO in a little over a week
  • The fact that as I type this right now I am headed to NYC to hang out with two of my best friends (holler KJ and Kara)
  • Finally getting the guts to tell off a rep who we do business with that has continuously been a jerk and talks to people like they are incompetent.  Little did he know he was going to wake the beast :) Let's just say he will be a lot nicer to my co-workers from here on out
  • Making friends with the leasing agent at my apartment so much that she helped me get out of paying $400 to have Mia (my cat) in the apartment and not having to pay pet rent... YES!!! The mola is going towards NYC trip now! 
  • Finding out that Glee Season 2 is available on Netflix (not streaming in case your wondering)(recently got addicted when the BF was out of town for a couple of weeks)
  • My good friend Lindsay (shown above) got a new job in L.A and is moving tomorrow.. I'm sad to see her go and will miss her but she has a totally AWESOME job
  • Lisa getting Lil' Wayne tickets from 93.3's Steve Serrano last minute and celebrating Lindsay's new job by going to the concert
  • More awesome... I know about two songs he sings and the concert was still awesome... could have been the second hand high speaking though... JK ;)

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  1. It is awkward when people talk to you while traveling. I had a little old lady follow me around from check in to when we got on the flight... Eh, it wasn't a big deal. She was nice. :)


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