Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I See, You See.

Trying to come up with themes EARLIER like we should have been doing oh say... for the past six months, Meggy and I decided this week's theme should be....


As in something old and something NEW.  Hence, next week our theme will be OLD. Easy peasy, right?

So onto what we saw this week.

I saw this yummy looking NEW bottle of red wine. Given to Lisa and I by our neighbors across the street. Is it sad our neighbors know we love wine that much??  A few weeks ago the Trader Joe's opened up in Kansas City and basically everyone and their mom has made a trip there, except for me! I get frustrated with crowds in grocery stores and lose my patience QUICKLY. But I may make the trek over there to get me some more Charles Shaw ($2 buck chuck) after I finish this NEW bottle of wine!

Want to see what Meggy saw?  Her NEW baby bump! She is 20 weeks along so her baby boy is still so new.  Even to me it feels like it was just yesterday she was having a glass of wine with me and now she has a little baby boy inside her!

Everyday my belly is something new.  It's constantly changing and growing to make room for baby boy.  He loves to move around, flip his legs up above his head and swing his arms around.  And I love feeling him do so.  This is all new to me and I am loving every minute.

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