Monday, August 15, 2011

Houston. No, not Texas.

Well I have some very exciting pictures to share with you all (ya'll according to my friend Bosa) today.

My friend Angela (Bosa) got her brand new baby boxer puppy this weekend! His name is Houston (hence the title of the post).  This is where Angela is from which I think goes perfectly with Bosa's personality.

She told me the other week that she wanted to get a boxer puppy.  I asked what she was looking for in a little pup and she said she wanted a white boxer, but she also loves spots. I was on a mission.  Find her a dog ASAP. Yep took me all about 15 minutes of searching and started emailing her puppies (including this one!) After showing off her puppy options we all encouraged her to get him! I mean how can you look at this puppy (especially when it was five weeks old - so even more tiny) and not want to get him right away?

She came by the office today on a surprise visit to show off her new love. He was just the cutest thing I have EVER seen.  I don't think anything can be cuter than a puppy to me right now, I'm dying to get one, but just isn't the right time in my life for that and the BF would KILL me knowing he'd have to help me out more than I think :) God love him, he's probably right!

Now onto the most important part of my post.  The puppy pics! Ah.... I couldn't pick just one of course, so I opted for several for you to swoon over. So, so cute!

I mean how cute is he!?!

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  1. he is adorable. looks like she got the exact puppy she wanted!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't pick a favorite! SO cute!

  3. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS!!!! I am dying! Dying! Houston is precious! He kind of looks like Ally (our boxer) except Ally only has 1 patch. So stinking cute!!! PS - I thought you were taking a trip TO Houston and was so excited for you! haha

  4. ADORABLE!!!!! I remember when my pup was a wee thing like that... Now he is all grown up.. Plus.. I LOVE the puppy breath :) xoxo


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