Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I See, You See.

You know what day it is!!! I See, You See with Meggy over at ChasingDavies.

If you're new to my blog, this is a post I do every Tuesday with Meggy. We choose a theme for each week and both take a picture of what we see that theme meaning.  I am open to any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and we will take a stab at it! In fact, we are DYING for suggestions.  Trust me, coming up with these themes every week gets difficult!

Last week we made it a little easier on ourselves and picked the theme OLD.

The week prior we did something new, so wanted to stay in theme.

I got lucky this weekend going to the BF's family wedding.  His sweetest little grandma, Mi Mi was there and cutting up a rug.  I looked over from the dance floor and saw her watching all of us dancing around like complete crazy people having so much fun, and thought she should get to have fun too! I ran over to her and we had our own little dance party.  She actually was better at moving her hips than I was.   I am by no means a good dancer, especially when it comes to being on beat, but dang Mi Mi can shake those hips! After we were done dancing the bride's grandma came and joined us.  They were the cutest old people I've ever met. To be honest, I hate using the word old when showing you this picture, because if you met them in person, the first thing you would think of wouldn't be old, it would be AWESOME.

Mi Mi on the right
Here is what Megan saw this week:

There is the beautiful church in my neighborhood that's been around as long as I know.  It's made of stone and I wanted to capture it.  It ended up being harder to get in the picture than I thought - but the thought is there.  My something old is St. Agnes.

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