Monday, August 1, 2011

Play by Play...

...of me getting my butt kicked in a bouquet toss.

Remember when I posted pictures of the 5th wedding I went to (the one I was in) with Mandi and Matt?

Well, when I stopped by Mandi and Matt's house tonight to drop off something, I hung around a played catch up for a while.  Then we got started talking about the wedding and the wedding pictures etc.  Mandi then goes on to say that the photographer got some pretty good pictures of the bouquet toss.  I was like, "WHAT?!" I don't know how much I had to drink, but I definitely don't remember seeing someone taking pictures during that part of the wedding. Little did I know she was standing right in front of Mandi taking pictures of the crowd (a.k.a single/not engaged ladies such as myself).

I couldn't resist showing these after we had a good laugh of how absolutely ridiculous this play by play of the bouquet toss was at Mandi's wedding.

Erica May was her photographer and since these weren't featured on her site, I took some screenshots of them to share of Mandi's album.

If you will notice... that is MY long arm reaching across the entire crowd
Ooop... there I am! Yes my arms are a span of 5'9'' (VERY long)
I realize that the bouquet is actually coming my direction... shoot why not try and catch it?
I caught it... or did I? Oh I DID. Keep an eye on my friend Sarah who's back is to the camera... 
Yep. She STOLE it! Right out of my hands!!!!
What the!?!
Did you really just take that out of my hands?!? 
Yep... I did it.  I stole the bouquet and kicked Laura's butt! 
Walter assuring me that it's not the end of world that I didn't catch the bouquet (as I put on my sad puppy face). So Sweet! 
So needless to say. This is embarrassing for me, but I love you all so I will show you as your source of entertainment tonight.


  1. this is tooooo funny! i love all the facial reactions!

  2. Whoa! That girl was DESPERATE for it! You clearly caught it and she stole it straight out of your two hands. Love the play by play!


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