Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just a Walk in the (Dog) Park

Sorry I've been a little incognito the past couple of days.  Between going to the "Mad Men" event at Banana Republic on Thursday with Katie where their strategy to give customers free drinks and shop worked...

...and making the last minute decision to drive to Tulsa through torrential down pours on Friday afternoon to visit my mom and sister (and their 4 little monsters), I haven't left much time for posting!

To make up for it, I thought I'd share my Saturday afternoon with you while it's still here.  Trying to avoid shopping to save some monies, we opted to take my sisters two boston terrorists and my mom's fluff balls to the dog park.

Result: Enzo got harassed by some schnauzers which inevitably made him overly cautious when any other dogs approached him and turning him into a barking maniac. Max was totally lame and sat right by my mom's feet the entire time (smart considering there was a huge lab and great dane running around).  Harley was sprinting all over the place making friends left and right. Beau apparently was supposed to be born a large dog instead of a small one, because he couldn't stay away from all the big dogs pouncing on every one that walked into the park!

Of the two that did stay still for more than two seconds, these are the quick pictures I got.

Enzo dug himself a hole to cool off in the shade 
Max being a lazy bones just chillin'

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