Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Almost a Pro....

After attending my SIXTH wedding this weekend in Denver.  I think I've almost become a pro wedding dancer.

This wedding was for Walt's fun cousin Brady and his super sweet (now wife) Jamie.

To sum it up I will take the bulleted approach tonight:

  • Wedding was outdoors at a country club, basically the moment they said I do it started to pour and we JUST missed the rain.  Talk about good timing. 
  • Inside it was beautiful with the lights over the dance floor
  • The bridesmaid and groomsmen walked in together each doing their own dance. Walt fell over trying to do mission impossible and almost took out an old woman.  AWESOMENESS and so Walt
  • Brady and Jamie's first dance was choreographed to "Everybody Dance Now." FANTASTIC and you can see it >here.
  • Speeches were great, Jamie's sister should be a comedian
Then the traditions on her side come into play:
  • Her mom did a tribute dance to the happy couple to "Grease Lightening." See pictures below
  • Their family built a pyramid with Jamie on top.  I can't believe no one was injured, I was highly impressed
  • They did their family dance, I think it's called the "Elephant Dance," where Brady (groom) is the trunk and then everyone grabs each others hands and walks around the room to a fun song (eeek too much to drink by this point so memory escaped me to what it was)
Lastly, the second the music came on, the ENTIRE wedding was on the dance floor.  Not only that, they were there until the very last song was played.  Of all the weddings I've been too I don't see this often, so that was pretty great and assured me Walt has one heck of a family! 

Now they are sitting on the beach on Cabo San Lucas! So jeal! 

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  1. haha! Those dancing pictures are awesome! You are a brave one. I don't know if I could handle 6 weddings in one weekend!


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