Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I See. You See.

Jumping right in today.  This week's theme is...


After debating back and forth, Megan and I were questioning our initial "I See, You See." Now... I'm not going to give it to you because if worse comes to worse we may need to use it! BUT, if you all provide us with some suggestions... you'd make our loves a lot easier AND you'd see something you want to see!

With that said, onto my view of this week's theme.

Cheers..... My friend Katie and I just made some major changes in our lives and decided a happy hour was in order to celebrate!

From reading yesterday's blog, you now know that I am moving to Denver in the next couple of week's and I'm excited, sad, pumped, and SAD.  Leaving behind some of my favorite people is rough.  Let me just tell you. When people say they are moving to a different state and act like it's no big D. They are lying. It's hard.  It's fun, but not fun.  Why would someone want to leave great people? BUT, it's life. It's a new beginning and I'm grateful for the opportunity that I've been given so step aside fear and scaredy cat Laura... welcome brave new Laura!!

Now from Meggy's POV:

It's no secret that my big new beginning is this growing baby boy in my womb (do people still say womb?).  And boy is he making it known...he's kicking and stretching and starting to take up more and more space - hello baby bump.  Every morning when I hoist myself out of bed and run to the bathroom to pee, I'm reminded of my new beginnings (coming this holiday season) and overjoyed.  Baby boy will start our little family and swiftly move us out of the 'DINK' category.  Friends have been sharing in our joy and giving us a few little gifts along the way - like these amazing little baby boy socks.  There is nothing cuter than tiny baby things.  Hello new beginnings.

Anyone else out there have any new things they'd like to share???

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  1. You hit the nail on the head: It's fun, but not fun. Trust me, I know. But moving out of your comfort zone builds a ton of character. Good luck!


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