Friday, August 19, 2011

Puppies, Puppies, and MORE Puppies

You probably think that I follow people around that have puppies at this point don't you?

I totally am one of those people when I see a puppy within an eye shot I MUST go pet it, BUT, that is not the case this week.

I'm luck enough to have not one, but TWO friends with brand new baby puppies. You met Houston on Monday, and I of course took some pictures of my little nieces and nephew pups back in Tulsa this weekend, and now you shall meet baby Bella.

She is my friend Katie [you met her here] and BJ's weiner dog puppy they just got this weekend.

Walt and I went over to meet little Bella last night, and I must say, I anticipated a small puppy, but WOAH,  Bella was itty bitty.  Definitely the smallest puppy I have ever seen. So small in fact, she looked like my first beanie baby - I mean identical.

With so much dog talk all this week, I'll stop here and just let you enjoy the little 2.5 lbs of Bella.

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  1. Oh my goodness! SO tiny!! Aww!! I was just daydreaming about getting a dog (ok, i've been daydreaming about it for a while now) and this did not help the side that says "don't do it!". haha!


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