Sunday, June 5, 2011

Defining Love in Defiance, Missouri

You ask where in the world is Defiance, Missouri?  It is about 25 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO.

Our good friends B.J and Katie got married this weekend on Friday June 3 at a winery in Defiance, MO. There was a perfect amount of people at the wedding making it very intimate and a lot of fun getting to know everyone that was good friends and family with the bride and groom.

Thursday we went to the rehearsal dinner where I took lots of candid fun shots, and proceeded to keep on snapping away during the wedding on Friday.  I was SO excited to show you all of these great pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding, however, in the midst of switching out my memory card I bent a pin where the memory card goes and and SOL.  I have to either A) repair my camera for $250+ B) get a refurbished camera from Canon at a great discount.  I am going with option B since it seems to be my best option and I am NOT pleased with myself at all considering I can't even show you the pictures I took from the beginning of the wedding.

The good news.  I did bring my Canon G11 as my back up should my batteries run out or if I needed more memory space. Little did I know I'd end up VERY lucky that I'd thought ahead and brought it with me since my SLR broke.

With that said, to keep this semi-short and sweet, here are some of the candid wedding photos I got:

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  1. I love the title of your blog :-)

    That wedding dress is STUNNING. What a lovely day!


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