Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I normally am not one to rave on and on about how much I just love hamburgers and how they are the best hang over food ever...

When I was a kid I decided I did not like them, and would always ask for "no nuts" when I ordered at McDonald's (i.e. no onions) and would only like cheese on them.  Eventually I just stopped eating them for years.

My freshman year in college, I eased into eating them since I was running out of food options in our dorm cafeteria and still kept them on the bottom of my list of foods to eat when given an option.

To this day, I basically only eat Turkey burgers smothered in goat cheese at the local restaurant Blue Moose.  So when my best friend Kara suggested we go to Blanc Burger for her going away dinner I was less than thrilled.  Until she highly recommended this amazing burger called the "Inside Out Burger" which consisted of a hamburger filled with bleu cheese, topped with bacon and an onion ring and an onion bun.  I was a little apprehensive once I ordered it when the waiter was giving me the warnings about eat it.  Do not squeeze the burger, you must cut into the burger before eating it, be careful that the cheese doesn't spill all over you... But he promised it would be a great choice.

Both Kara and the waiter were RIGHT! The burger was SO good.  Like I said, I am not normally one to rave about hamburgers, but this was one hamburger I will pass onto others to give a try.

Not to mention, the atmosphere of Blanc is so clean and crisp with a little old school feel which makes me love it even more now!

Go ahead and give it a try.  Sure is gooooood!

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