Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pa Pa

Now this was one of the words I used frequently when I was a kid and still to this very day. This is the name we called my grandpa (my mom's dad) growing up. From this day forward, any time I hear hit or see it I think about my Pa Pa.  He's been through so much and is such a strong man and I love him SO much.

He is the man who would put the worms on my hook as I fished off the dock. When I caught a fish after hours of waiting, he was the one to take the fish off the hook for me.

He is the one who would give me a big huge goodbye before our 10 hour drive back home and slip me and my sister $20 (at the time I thought this made me rich) to calm us down until we got out of Morgan City, La.

He is the man that I will love forever and always keeping making memories with.

Not gonna lie... I took this picture with my iphone since I couldn't resist and didn't have my SLR.  Another one of those moments when I think... "Stupid, why did I not bring my camera?!" Thank god for the app Camera+. Have you used it before?  You take a picture and then have a multitude of options to alter your picture however you want.

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