Monday, May 9, 2011


This past Friday I helped host a work party celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  I thought it was a huge success considering I initally thought we wouldn't use the two rounds of margarita mix (one mix was for 75 people) I had ordered, and we ended up going through BOTH of them AND still had people wanting more.  Note to self co-workers love the margaritas and need to order double the amount next time around.

We have two office locations and the party was held at our 2020 office downtown which has a rooftop deck that overlooks the city.  I love the view and wanted to capture it for everyone to see.  Carrie was kind enough to be my subject for today's post.  We kept trying to get the Western Auto building in focus but unfortunately it was too far away.  Oh well, still made for a good picture with Carrie's beautiful face :)

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