Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.

My friend Matt at work FINALLY got his house he has been hunting for! After months of searching he finally found a house that suites him. Not to mention he went through some struggles to get there....

  1. Falling through the ceiling of one house
  2. Finding out that the house he finally wanted had TWO roofs.  Not one, but TWO!!! Apparently they thought instead of just getting a new one they wanted to layer on another. Weird, right?
After realizing that no one in their right mind would buy their house with two roofs they finally gave in and sold it to Matt - WITH a new roof! Go Matt! 

To celebrate, my co-workers put together a little surprise party for Matt.  Kristin distracted him while we set up and asked him to go grab her power cord so when he ran up the stairs there we all were waiting for him!  HOWEVER, he waved and ran right by us.  We all yelled after him to come back and that we were throwing HIM the party! He was completely surprised! We had set our "bull pen" up with his favorite beer (Coors Light and Unfiltered Wheat (Boulevard Wheat) and gave him a Home Depot gift card to get started with his new house! 

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