Monday, June 13, 2011

Bosa. Bosa. Bosa.

My friend Angela "Bosa" from work is so incredibly sweet, funny (I mean hilarious), and accident prone.  She is probably on the top of my list of the most accident prone friends I have.

Coming back this weekend she was having some problems with her eyes which she wasn't thrilled about.  Then on her way back from running some errands she discovers that she has a flat tire..... She asked if I could follow her to a gas station to fill up after work and I of course agreed.  When we were headed out of the office her tire was all the way on the ground! No way she was going anywhere.  We of course had ZERO idea of how to fix a flat tire.  Sad I know. Between Bosa, Bailey and I we were hopeless. We immediately called Matt (our other friend from work who had JUST left) and he was so sweet to come back and help us. We got as far as removing the new tire from the back of the car and taking out the equipment  to fix the flat tire by the time Matt got there.

Matt saved the day! He just jumped right in and got to work.  Not to mention he had helped me do the same thing with my old car less than six months ago ;) So a big THANKS goes out to Matt for being awesome!

Oh wait it gets better.... Bosa then went to go get her tire patched after we found two nails shoved into the tires to find out that they refused to patch them and told her she had to get new tires.  Wah. Wah. Poor Bosa.

Love you Bosa - Wishing good luck for the rest of the week!

Now onto my job while Matt was hard at work. Picture taking. Hey.. I needed a picture for today, right?

Matt Fixing the Tire.  I experimented with CS5 filter "Photocopy"

Bailey (left), Bosa (upper right), Matt (bottom) hard at work. Here I experimented with the Cross Hatch filter
Not going to lie... I experimented with ALL of the filters and was cracking myself up as some of them turned out pretty whack! Oh.. it's the little things in life that amuse me.

Hope you had a great Monday friends! Can't wait to show you the "I See, You See" photos tomorrow!

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