Monday, June 20, 2011

It's a Girl

I patiently waited for my friend/co-worker, Sarah, to spread the exciting news on Friday before putting this post up!

She got some great news last week that her ultra-sound, which reveals if it's a boy or a girl, was getting moved up and that she would (hopefully) know the sex of her baby even sooner than she thought!

She told me about this on Thursday afternoon and I was SO excited for her. She mentioned she'd be in the office later in the morning so right when the clock hit 11 a.m. I was getting more and more excited!  Megan and Erica swung by my desk and we decided we would surprise her in her cube.  While we impatiently waited, staring out the window looking for her car to pull up, Megan made a little welcome sign for her which would reveal her surprise!

The result (as if my post didn't already give it away):

I was a dum, dum and forgot my camera! So bear with me with the quality of the photo, but doesn't Sarah just look so darn cute!!? We are all SO excited for her.  She was really hoping for a baby girl and she got exactly what she wanted :) P.S - just adds to the fun that she wore a pink shirt too!

Congrats Sarah -We can't wait to meet her!

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