Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where's LuLu?

VEGAS!!!! For now... I am actually sitting in the Vegas airport because I was not using my head when I was booking my flight to Denver the other week. In my mind, saving $20 was worth a layover, however, I was not realizing that I was flying OVER Denver to get to Las Vegas to sit for two hours in an airport. Yep... go ahead make fun of me. 

So here I sit in the Las Vegas airport waiting for my connecting flight which is now delayed by an 45 minutes.... actually wait... they are giving an update... over an hour! Oopala!

To top it off... I convinced myself that I'd win BIG sitting in this airport and it would all pay off.

The result: -$12

That is almost how much money I was trying to save when booking this flight. Again... someone smack me!

I also managed to forget my camera cord to transfer pictures as I'm taking this weekend in Denver/Vail.  So I wanted to apologize in advance for the lack of posts coming up over the next few days. 

Right now I'll leave you with a little piece of Vegas while I'm here :)

That's right... WHEEL.. OF...FORTUNE (or misfortune for me tonight!)

Have a great 4th of July weekend I'll be back soon!  If you're as lucky as me you'll have Monday AND Tuesday off which I am THRILLEd about!


  1. Have a fabulous weekend new friend! mwah!!!!!! <3 enjoy vegas!

  2. have fun!xx


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