Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Step at a Time

The other day, Megan asked me if I could help out with her fashion photo at the nearby railroad I wandered to here the other week.

I feel like I almost have this weird obsession with railroads ever since I took that last picture.  They seem to make photos look so much more interesting.

While we were out for our short photoshoot on the railroad, we started messing around with different poses and I really wanted to get one of her walking down the railroad track.

Of course when we were in the midst of getting some cool photos, some random guy in this old junkity car pulled up to us and told us that we were on government property and we weren't allowed to be taking photos on the railroad.  Whhhhhhhatttttttt? We both were kinda stunned that A) some random guy who looked like he could use a shower was telling us that we weren't allowed to be taking pictures on the railroad B) that people aren't allowed to take pictures on the railroad tracks... anyone ever heard of this?

Of course after we wait for him to drive away and pretend to put our cameras away, we run right back onto the tracks to shoot a few more photos.  HAHA random guy! We fooled you!

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  1. Love, Love, Love! The colors and the softness in an industrial setting. I even really like that red light in the background.


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