Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Bells - Round 3

That's right, round 3 of 8 like I mentioned last Friday.  They have all been so different but in great ways.  This was actually another one of Walt's good friends from the KU golf team that was getting hitched.

They've been dating for as long as I have known them, so at least five years....

Their names are Kelsey and John and they are so cute together. She is the smallest cutest girl (woman) and he is hilarious.  Together they make a perfect couple.

This wedding took place in Norman, OK in a church, followed by a reception at a nearby restaurant.  My favorite part: THE FOOD.  It was amazing and I have never seen shrimp so big in my entire life!

Now for the good stuff.  The photos.  Seeing as I was busy canoodling with everyone I hadn't seen in a while I only got a few great shots at this wedding.  But I still wanted to share them with you. Happy viewing.

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  1. I just love weddings! You're so lucky you get to go to 8 although I suppose it may pose some issues with what to wear!! Thanks for commenting on my blog- glad to have stumbled upon yours as well!

  2. looks like a beautiful wedding :) wish i could see the colossally large shrimp, that sounds epic :)


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