Thursday, June 9, 2011


Goes Megan from ChasingDavies!

We were talking yesterday about "red" as our theme for our "I See, You See." The idea of bright red lips for a picture came up, but I thought it sounded like it would be better served as a full on post for today so I had more time to mess around in Photoshop.

Immediately after taking the picture outside the airport fence by our work (weird sounding I know, but we literally walk out the doors and the private airport is right there), I knew I wanted to highlight the red lips by turning most of the picture black and white.  The question was do I simply just want to do red lips  OR take it a step further and use some of the fun Photoshop tools?

You shall see.

Here is what I started with:

From here, I first tried what I initially thought about doing.  Turning down the saturation and popping her red lips using the eraser tool in PS.

Then I decided to try out the Sumi-e filter on the picture and popped the lips again and decided to also add in the color from her shirt since it matched perfectly with the red lips!

Then I was having a little too much fun with PS as you can see and decided to try one more filter.  The diffuse glow filter.  Ever tried it?  I kinda like it!

So what do you think? What's your favorite of all of them?

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  1. The 3rd one is my favorite!!!

  2. Love the black/white with stripes! :) Great job!!

  3. Love the third one! Great colors and beautiful picture! Have fun at your weddings! 8 total... it really is wedding season. xoxo

  4. Comment posting attempt: Take 2!

    Absolutely LOVE these pictures!

    The 3rd one down is very Andy Warhol-like. Hence his famous Marilyn Monroe portrait.



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