Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I See, You See.

This week's I See, You See was given to us by my friend Sarah, who is currently living in Portland, OR.

We were chatting last week online and I was asking her creative ideas for a "I See, You See" post and she mentioned silhouettes.  I would have never thought about that.

So this week's theme is: Silhouettes

For mine... I struggled quite a bit since it has been cloudy every day around dusk when I actually get around to having time to taking a photo.  I started to freak out when I realized I didn't have a photo to show you all after Megan sent me hers YESTERDAY. Right when I was about to give up hope I get an email with her "silly wet" photo (as she calls it - tough time saying it which is hilarious), and decide there is no going back now!

We were at our company meeting this morning and I sat there thinking of my options for a silhouette picture before it was too late. Then when Megan and I were looking out on the tarmac she brought up the fact we could maybe make it work.  Genius Megan said let's grab some people and we'll get yours right now! So I did :)  My kind co-workers  (Bailey, Erica, Jahna, and Megan) were kind enough to help a gal out!

So here is what I got:

Hey a girl can try, right?

Megan had a LOT better of an idea of how to make a silhouette work for this theme.  She happened to be visiting Lake Sullivan in Minnesota this weekend with friends and this is what she had to say about her photo:  I spent a few days with some amazing friends and my husband relaxing in a nice lake house and on the dock.  The view was beautiful and I found my silhouettes in the trees against the backdrop of the lake.

She's a beaut! Don't forget to check out her lake gear over here!

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