Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Dance.

The title of this post symbolizes two things for me today.

  1. I LOVE to dance. I don't do it well at all, however, I just love to dance/or spaz out whenever I get the chance.  One big thing that I love about all these weddings is the chance to dance and have the time of my life with my love of my life! If I could pick my favorite moments with the BF it would be dancing at weddings.  I feel unstoppable - and kinda like a spaz - but it's just so much fun!
  2. I stumbled upon this post on "yep, they are all mine" and fell in love with the pictures she posted about that took place in NYC by Jordan Matter Photography called "Dancers Among Us." I am drooling over how amazingly awesome these are! Check more of them out here.


  1. These are positively amazing, never seen anything like it- heading on over there to check out the rest of them- hope you're having a good weekend xoxo

  2. Damn these girls are flexible! Great photos! I love the last one.. what a cool shot.

    Also, thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I hope you visit again or follow sometime :)

    xo katie elizabeth


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