Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Not mine.... but Angela's.

Today's post was a request by a good friend of mine, Angela.  I wrote about her engagement back in January, and since then her life has gotten more and more hectic/fabulous.

After the engagement Angela and her fiance Matt Shaw (for some reason I always call him by his first and last name) have sold Matt's house, are in the process of closing on their new house together, and getting ready to sell Angela's house.  I imagine my stress and multiply it by 10. All of this stuff is un-treaded waters for me and it sounds like a lot of work! Angela is handling it all pretty well though.

For some time now, Angela has been asking me to take a picture of her street name which is located on the sidewalk.  It it representative of how long her block has been around, her very first house she bought by herself, and the life she has grown to have living there. I, of course, was happy to help her with this request.

On our way back to from the plaza yesterday, I had the BF help me with the mini-photo shoot. Pulling limbs back and giving me suggestions of different angles.  Eventually though, he told me there were only so many ways you can take a picture of something on a sidewalk so we ended the photo shoot.

Here was the favorite of all of them:

I wasn't content with just the photo itself, so I opted for a little photoshop fun when I stayed in last night. Here's what I ended up with the Smudge Stick filter.

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