Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I See, You See.

It's that time of the week again!

Our theme:  CLOUDS

A little background on mine... This weekend when I was recovering from wedding #4 (which I will soon post pictures after I look through them all and get them looking how I want them), I went to a nearby lake called Lake Lotawana with some friends.  It's a smaller lake, and 45 minutes away so was perfect for a day out in the sun and relaxing.

On my way back I noticed the clouds were looking amazing and immediately wanted to get a picture of them.  Of course I was driving so couldn't reach my Canon G11 in the very back of the car, so I opted for a iPhone photo (I know... scary ME of all people driving AND taking a picture with my phone - the BF wasn't too thrilled). In my first take it was perfect, and just what I wanted!

So here is what I got, with my iPhone.  I altered it a bit using the iPhone app "Camera +" which I highly reccomend if you use your iPhone for a lot of pictures.  You can change the filters on the photo, crop it, add a frame. It's amazing and I'm in love with it.  Basically acts as my handheld camera these days.

Here is what Megan saw.  She got hers yesterday when we were doing a railroad photo shoot for her blog that you can check out today on her blog as well as tomorrow for my photos I got!

I'm loving her leading lines with the railroad tracks.  That was one of the things were were taught in our photography class this Spring and looks like she's really got the hang of it!

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