Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am about to introduce you to my all time favorite thing ever.  I've known him my entire life, he is white and furry, about a foot tall, could use a nose job, and really needs to take care of his poor eyes because they are getting worse by the day. His name is Bear. 

Now... I know this is a bit silly, but I still sleep with Bear every night.  Some of you may think it's a bit weird that I still do this, and some of you may be able to identify with me not being able to let something go you've become so accustomed to sleeping with every night. 

Then, there are other people that are probably reading this thinking, "Gosh, this girl must not have been that creative to come up with a name like Bear for her white bear."  Am I right?

To give you an idea of what this bear means to me I will tell you a short story:

When I was in London when I was two, my parents and I were on a train when I flung Bear right as the train doors opened.  Bear went flying off the plane and onto the tracks.  Most parents would cut their losses and opt to buy their two-year-old a new bear.  Nope.  Not mine.  My dad quickly jumped out of the train and reached down to grab Bear off the tracks.  To a two year old, that is heroic. To everyone else on the train, I'm sure there was some major relief to not hear a screaming kid on a train who just lost their toy. 

All and all, I can't bear (no pun intended) to put him away.  Bear and I have been through thick and thin together, he loves me regardless of chewing off his nose and eyes.  What woman wouldn't keep around something so tolerable...?  

Do you have a favorite thing you still like to sleep with that you wouldn't be able to sleep without if you lost it?


  1. That is so touching! My OLDER sister Susie had "Broccoli" - her bear (or was it a lamb?) we were so worried that she wouldn't be able to cope without him that we snuck him in her suitcase for her Honeymoon.
    I need to see if Broccoli is still around.
    My favorite thing to sleep with is a sleeping pill! (and of course, two pillows, eyepads and dear snoring Buz!

  2. That bear is so cute...I love the close up :)

  3. Not gonna lie... I picked up another bear along the way so now sleep with two, but Bear is my pride and joy. Would you believe the other one is just name Brown Bear... again really creative with the names!

  4. Aweome post! I have "Brownie", a brown bear that wears a red bow-tie. I sleep with him every night and have since birth!


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