Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Good for the Weekend

As I promised, I have come home with, what I think are, great pictures. To make up for my lack of blog posts over the past few days!

This past weekend I went on a couple's ski trip to Vail, Colorado with my boyfriend Walt, and three of his best guy friends from the KU Golf team. It's been four years since I have been skiing so was a little nervous to start off but once I got going I felt much more comfortable.  The best part was everyone kept saying it was the best ski weather Vail has had in two years, PERFECT TIMING.

The first day I had to go home pretty early due to misfitted ski boots (note to self: slim ski boots are NOT meant for me). After getting home I wasn't going to pass on a chance to get a few pictures of the beautiful snow in Vail.

View from the hot tub in the back of the condos

After getting this picture with the sun sneaking in the background, I wanted to see what other photos I could get with that lighting.  This is what I came out with:

To wrap up the weekend of sking, we made our way back to Walt's parent's house in Denver to catch the last round of the Bob Hope Classic where our friend Gary Woodland was leading the tournament.  

While we were watching, I got a candid picture of the boys cheering Gary on! 

And... posing to take a picture with their favorite golfer! 

Props to Walt's mom for the picture idea for this weekend! 
The result... tied for second place.  Gary had an amazing tournament and really showed people what he was made of out there this weekend and from the Denver watch party this weekend, we think he did fantastic and hope more great things lie ahead 

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