Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for a Vacation

I know what you are all probably thinking... we just had a vacation (or at least I did) for the holidays. However, it IS pretty tough getting back on the horse sometimes and I am dying to ski this year.  It's been two years since I've been, and I made Walt promise we'd make at least one trip to Vail this Winter.  If he opts to go more than once he knows I'm game!

I got my packing done early last night, and got Walt's blessing on what to bring as far as ski gear goes since I ALWAYS either over-pack or under-pack and this time I HAVE to get it right so I don't freeze to death on the mountains.

Onto the more important things, I'm sad to say Mia will not be able to travel with me on our ski trip.  She refuses to take ski lessons and demands to go down blacks and I am simply not that great at skiing yet. After seeing that I was really leaving her behind, Mia thought she'd sneak into my suitcase without me noticing... sneaky little kitty!

On a different note, you will notice two key things for my trip to Vail. Pedialyte & a disposable camera. These are easily explainable... the Pedialyte is a trick I learned from Walt's brother that is supposed to save me from a hangover.  With the high altitude and the fact I KNOW I will have more than one glass of wine on my vacation, this is necessary.  I have tried it before and it works about 40% of the time.

Onto the second item, my disposable camera.  My last small digital camera finally kicked the bucket and I am too cheap right now to buy a new one, for it to just break again in two years, or for a cooler one to come out in a month (you know that always happens when you buy cameras and electronics), therefore I opting for a disposable camera I have had sitting in my junk drawer for over two years. Hope it works when we get on the mountains!!

Lastly, with being on vacation, I will get a little behind on both my daily posts and my training for ChasingDavies Challenge (I will feel the pain next week when I make up for it!!!).  I'm really hoping to get some great pictures this weekend to set me up for the weekend and make it up to you all.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I think Coach Redwine and Coach Clark would also like some credit for introducing you to Pedialyte! :) I don't miss the days where they forced us to drink an entire bottle at track meets! Have fun skiing, I'm jealous!!

  2. Why haven't I tired Pedialyte before? HAHAHA


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