Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Little Lisa

Good Evening Bachelor Fans!

Tonight was the third episode of The Bachelor and little Lisa made quite the appearance when we saw her practicing martial arts, well sorta.... :)

Any who, for those of you who did or did not watch the show tonight... Lisa M. got another rose! WAHOO! She actually was the THIRD one to get a rose! You go girl!

Today/Tonight's post is for little, sweet Lisa. As you may have noticed, she isn't one of the girls on the show who is talking crap on anyone, looks the other way and tries not to listen when someone IS talking crap about one of her friends (AKA when the girls were talking trash on her good friend Michelle), and also shows genuine concern when other girls are going through a hard time on the show (when Madison walked off during the rose ceremony that was Lisa who asked if she was okay).

As a result, we have silly Lisa:

Lastly, you can find more information on Lisa's style during the Bachelor and more at ChasingDavies and/or follow myself and ChasingDavies on Twitter.


  1. OMG you know Lisa from the Bachelor!!!! I practically live for that show! Great blog!

  2. Hello beautiful.çok güzell.thanks.kısses lovely:)

  3. OMG she is ADORABLE! Definitely my favorite!

  4. wait is michelle the one that everyone says is nuts???
    seriously... why am I not watching this haha

  5. Yep Michelle is the "crazy" one so they make her look. I'd be pretty upset if I had this great experience on the show and someone completely ruined it for me!!

    You should definitely watch! This is one of my guilty pleasures :)


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