Thursday, January 6, 2011

Matt Shaw the Designer

For Christmas this past year I told you part of what I gave Walt. Now I want to tell you about his gift to me.

Recently Angela's fiance, Matt Shaw, made an awesome picture of her Italian Greyhound, Carmine.

 Carmine by Matt Shaw

I quickly became obsessed with her picture and was dying to have my own of Mia. Well as it so happens, Walt had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and this was one of the first things that popped into my head!  Walt tracked down Matt Shaw and asked if he would make a picture of Mia for my Christmas gift. Matt said YES! I was SO excited to see the final result. 

Mia by Matt Shaw

I absolutely LOVED it.  Matt was so sweet and altered the background to whatever color I wanted and got it done pretty quickly considering the holiday business and his getting engaged and all :)

If you or someone you know is interested in getting your pet's photo designed, or have another picture in mind, I would highly recommend Matt Shaw.  He gets his work done in a timely manner and for a great deal. To reach him, you can email him at:  Additional details on getting that perfect gift or decoration for your house:
Price: Negotiable
Timing: Takes about 3 weeks
Requirement: Provide 3 pictures of your pet/subject you would like him to work with and choose from

I plan on using my Groupon from CanvasOnDemand to get mine put on a canvas and so pumped to hang it up in my room!

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