Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a Night, What a Night!

Tonight our friends at Burst Media (Brendan and Kevin) took a group of us to an amazing dinner at Benton's Steakhouse.  The restaurant is located on top of the Westin Hotel in Kansas City in case you are looking for great food and a nice hotel.

Get the drinks flowing with great red wine and there is only fun to be had with my co-workers.

Sure we may or may not have said things that are no to be repeated beyond our dinner friends, but it sure does make for a good laugh when you look back at it.

Thank you to my mom for introducing me to red wine two Thanksgivings ago... My life will never be the same. Love you mom (and not just for the red wine introduction).

This picture is to say the least about how much fun we had tonight... stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

P.S. If you are a red wine lover like me, you should try the King Estate and Erath Wine.... 


  1. They were both such great wines and I LOVE this photo!

  2. Erath Winery is right outside of Portland! Their Pinto Gris is my favorite!


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