Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She's Engaged!!!

After waiting her whole life to meet price charming, my good friend Angela Suzanne Hunter found the love of her life, Matt Shaw.

A little over a year ago the two love birds met. As it turned out they had many things in common.  Mutual friends. Their careers in advertising. They lived two miles away from each other. They both love to have fun and they can both put down a Natty Light or two :)

Angela knew he was the one almost instantly.  I just remember hearing her say "I think he's a keeper!"

After hearing multiple stories about him and seeing a picture of this guy I was just dying to meet him.  So one night when I had had a liiiitttle too much to drink and noticed Angela and her man sitting across from me at Kona Grill I decided to send them some drinks.  She waved me on over and off I went.  She introduced me to Matt Shaw (she never referred to him as Matt, always Matt Shaw, which I thought was a term of endearment). After quick slightly intoxicated introductions, I leaned over to Matt Shaw and said in more or less words, he better not hurt my friend in any way or I'd sick my cat Mia on him!! (You will meet Mia tomorrow on my next post). He assured me he would not.

As it turned out, he also found the love of his life and had intentions to marry her!

So he proposed on New Year's Eve, Eve 2010. Long story short, Angela is the hardest person ever to surprise, and Matt Shaw really wanted this to be a surprise.  After playing sick and suggesting they stay in for the evening, Matt was taking out the recycling at Angela's house and started to yell for her to come over  and see something in her dining room.  Matt Shaw is pretty much on the ground trying to look for something as Angela walked into the room.  He slyly looked up and shifted to one knee and told her how much he loved her and wanted her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said YES!!! Angela now has a BEAUTIFUL ring on her left hand and they couldn't be more happy!

So congrats to Angela and Matt Shaw on your engagement.  I love you both very much and wish all the happiness in the world for you!

P.S. Matt Shaw also has his own blog for you to check out it's called LunchBlogKC

The happy couple and Ang's bling! 


  1. I LOVE how the pic turned out!!! So good.

  2. Agreed, great pic Laura! Thanks for such a sweet post about my favorite gal!

  3. Such a good picture and an even better story :)


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