Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mia and Me

Really running against the clock on today's blog post.  Today has been a busy day...

My dresser I bought from Target about 2 1/2 years ago has shut its last drawer... I put it together myself and was very proud, however, their furniture cannot handle the large amount of clothes I jam pack into them.  I do not recommend a build it yourself dresser, drawers fall through. With that said, I made a quick and easy trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart and purchased myself a new dresser for only $150 ($163 with tax).  Like it?  I figured it would hold up until I was ready to invest money in a full bedroom makeover when my room wasn't the size of a peanut. 

On another note, I'm sitting at home writing this blog post at 12 a.m. because I went to dinner and movie with my girlfriends.  We saw "Country Strong." I am not one to go see a Country movie, even growing up most of my life in Oklahoma, but I would highly recommend you see it.  Just enough country and actually a great soundtrack. If you are hearing that a Country music soundtrack is good from me... it must be good since I hate twangy Country music and its far from that in my opinion. 

Lastly, onto tonight's post.  I sat figure out which picture I've taken over the past two days I wanted to post, and right as I was doing so Mia, remember her.... plopped herself right onto my lap in front of my computer.  With my camera within reaching distance I decided this was worth capturing and showing you all how much of a true princess she is. She tends to do anything for attention as you can clearly tell.

Based on yesterday's post, I have yet to crack open the book my sister gave me.  I have all intentions of starting it tomorrow, my dresser dilemma took over my day today but it was well worth it! I also started "Knight and Day" last night with Walt but got too late to finish it, but what I can say about that movie is that it is one heck of an action packed movie! I'll let you know what I rate it once we finish the second part of it

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