Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meet Ed.

A year and a half ago Lisa and I moved into a cute little neighborhood off the Plaza in Kansas City.

We were welcomed with open arms by our neighbors and especially by Ed.

Ed is a cat.

We quickly learned Ed's owners down the street didn't really give him the love, care, shelter and protection he needed. They also owned another cat Sherman who is pretty much the neighborhood bully cat who Ed is scared to death of.

With that said, Lisa and I would also put out food for Ed after noticing how skinny he was getting.  Ed started showing up at our door every morning and every night when we got home from work which was a sweet little surprise. Lisa immediately thought Ed reminded her of a cartoon, and we both thought he fit nicely with our cozy little family (Lisa, Me, and Mia).

Last Winter his owners convinced us that they took him in when it was freezing outside, but we noticed that they lied.  So THIS Winter, we opted to give Ed shelter for the freezing cold nights. While he is very much so an outdoor cat, he loves having a warm bed and some lovin' just like anyone/anything else.

Ever since the snow hit last Monday he has pretty much turned into our second cat staying inside all day and night to avoid the snow covered ground.  He begs to go out every now and then so we crack the door open for him... but give him 15 minutes and he realizes "HECK NO! Way too cold out here" and comes rushing back to our front porch.

Mia loves him just as much as we do and enjoys the company while we are at work.  After giving her some time, Ed finally cozied up with me and they are best friends.

Today in Kansas City it is currently 27 degrees outside and needless to say Ed has been cuddled up in my bedroom.  With the fact that I am doing the EXACT same thing after a great night with Walt last night in St. Louis, I thought I'd make today's post about Ed and introduce you to him since he is slowly but surely becoming a part of our family.

Mia and Ed "BFF"

P.S. Just to set the record straight because I know Walt would want me to... he does NOT love the idea of having TWO cats, but has been a sweetheart and adjusted well for the time being. Poor guy :)


  1. Such a sweet post! Ed is a handsome guy, lucky for Mia!

  2. That's awesome of you to take him in, it must be easy because he's so cute! Stay warm! <3


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