Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Re-Cap From Last Night's Bachelor (Week 2)

Bak again because you missed Lisa on The Bachelor last night for week 2?

Don't fret, I'll give you a breakdown of where you can spot her on last night's episode online.

While she didn't get as much air time as we'd all love to see her get, she did look super cute when we did get to see her.

Part 1: 
2:16, 4:14-4:16, 18:29, 18:39-19:32, 20:00-20:05
Her first on camera interview: 21:04-21:09
Her preggers scene: 22:51-53, 23:10-11, 23:36-24:30
Pool Scene: 33:39, 33:57

Part 2:
Rose Ceremony: 29:57,  30:18-19, 30:44, 30:45, 30:50-30:57

Inside Scoop: All the girls DID get time with Brad and Ali &Roberto although they didn't show it.  Stupid dramatic Melissa and Raichel!!!

Also, to set the record straight, Michelle really isn't CRAZY like they made her seem.  From what I've heard from Lisa, she sounds like a very sweet, funny, kind person.  ABC sure does like to edit :)

Lastly, for additional details on the fashion side of The Bachelor check out ChasingDavies!!!


  1. Definitely a good point. Of course throughout a day, saying it's your birthday a few times is no big deal (especially when it IS YOUR 30th), but with the powers of editing, condensing it into a few minutes scene can look a little funny. We should all remember when watching this show that editing plays a GIANT role in entertaining us.

  2. You can also get all the bachelorette fashion up-to-the-minute at, including exclusive interviews with the bachelorettes.


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