Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Re-Cap From Last Night's Bachelor

For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to watch Lovely Lisa last night, you can catch her online:

Part 1 was the introduction, including meeting with Jenni and Deanna, the two women he did NOT choose his last time around.  It also included all the girls getting out of the limo including Lisa (located at 41:28-41:56) in her ruby heels (P.S. The shoes were just a joke, she switched into her hot little sparkle ones inside you can notice during the rose ceremony).  Just FYI this was not in sequential order based on when they really arrived, according to Lisa they mixed it up a bit....

 Lisa's Ruby Red Shoes
 Being her cute self! 

Also, fun fact, all I REALLY wanted to know when she went on the show was if they watered down the driveway since I noticed every single season (including The Bachelor Pad - yes I watch that one too...).  The answer.... YES. She said they spray it down before tapings occur so keep your eye on that and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Part 2  The girls get their time with Brad. Lisa actually DOES get time with Brad, however, due to editing this portion was not shown during the episode. For the rose ceremony they try and make it seem like she was near the end when she received her rose and kept zooming back to her, but really she wasn't.... ohhh reality TV!!! Gotta love it! 

If you want to zoom just to Lisa's portions here are the majority of the clips based on the timer at the bottom of the screen:
Throughout the Evening: 8:42-8:54 when they watched Brad get his wrist waxed

Throughout the Rose Ceremony multiple zoom ins!!! 24:38-40, 24:48,24:59,25:04, 25:22-23, 25-59 27:07-08, 27:39

She got her rose: 27:17-27:28 She looked so cute and excited!

Celebration making it through the first round, wahoo!!: 33:54

In the season preview that followed the celebration; She gets pushed in the bright green: 35:28-30 and they show another close up at 36:08 by the pool!

Again, you can follow Lisa or Me on Twitter.  While she can't post anything while the show is running, I sure as heck can!  Also, ChasingDavies can keep you up to date on her fashion throughout the show so visit her blog and follow her on Twitter as well!

Check in later tonight and today's main blog post will be posted.... Hint, its a tribute to my good friend Angela Hunter....

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