Monday, January 24, 2011

Lisa Lovin' Vegas

After a fun, but exhausting weekend, I got home and started to brainstorm ideas for my Lisa picture today.  Sorry to say I'm a lazy bum and opted for a picture her and I took together last year in Vegas at our friend Dena's bachelorette party!

I wanted to show this picture because it just goes to show that Lisa and I are two peas in a pod when we get together.  Give us a camera and we'll undoubtedly strike a pose! :)

Love you little Lisa and whoop whoop! Made it to another round!!

P.S. Dress look familiar?  This is the dress she wore in tonight's rose ceremony.  To find out where she got it and other fashion information from "The Bachelor" check out Chasing Davies blog!


  1. hello lulu.wovv Amazing! harika photograpy.I love you lulu:) nice blog.thanks.kısses

  2. I know this is a post about Lisa, but you are gorgeous!
    I should really start watching the bachelor.... But Brad annoys me.... hope he and Lisa aren't engaged lol

  3. You're so sweet! I hope she isn't engaged too so I don't have to go on a search for a new roommate!! ha


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