Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Should I Get Him/Her for Valentine's Day?

The other week, Megan (aka ChasingDavies) suggested an idea for my blog posts.  Ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.  What a great idea.

I feel like every single year V-Day sneaks up on us like we never knew it was coming.  Then come week of Valentine's Day you panic thinking: "What should I get him/her for Valentine's Day?" "Where should we go to dinner?" "Should we just do dinner?" "If we decide let's just do dinner, is he/she secretly going to get me a present and I will be S.O.L with no gift to gift them back?"

With that said I am going to try and dish out some Valentine's Day gift ideas for your loved ones so you can be prepared before V-Day gets here, and avoid crappy gifts you think at the time are a good idea, but then come to realize when they open the gift you have NO IDEA why you thought it was a good gift. Yes, I'm sure we've all been there....

So to kick off the ideas, I used Megan and her hubby Greg as my subjects for tonight's post.  I've seen lots of great hand holding pictures as I sift through the internet trying to find pictures I aspire to be able to take someday. Here is my attempt:

I'm sure you can think of plenty ideas to do with this picture right? Canvas (of course), frame it in a 5x7 frame to put in your bedroom, print a 4x6 and put it in a cool frame for his/her desk.... What other ideas can you think of?

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