Saturday, January 1, 2011

Off I Go....

With this being my first start to the new year post, I got a little nervous. What do I say?  What should I show as my first picture of the year? Will people even like the things I post?  But then I realized, I'm doing this for ME.  This is a blog right, you can say what you what and how you feel and people can judge you however they want but I'm doing something that will make me happy.

So, with that said, here is my first picture of the year: Walt's Christmas present.

Walt is my boyfriend of four years, who I love and adore.  We met at The Hawk, a popular college bar at the University of Kansas where we both went to school. I actually saw him from across the room and marched on over to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and just said "You're Walt!" He looked at me like I was a weirdo at first and then I let him know how I knew of him.  He was my best friend/teammate (for KU Cross Country Track) Lisa's boyfriend's friend/teammate for  the KU golf team.  How we had never met in the past was beyond me... All I knew was that I  got myself a catch and plan on holding on to him. 

For Christmas this year I had some trouble thinking of a Christmas gift for him, and after tossing some ideas around with friends ,I narrowed it down to taking a picture of the place we met and giving him a little piece of me. After a quite a few attempts I captured this one.  Coincidentally enough, I got it by jumping in a tree to goof around with my roommate, Lisa, and it turned out to be the best one!

After getting the picture I wanted I  searched high and low for the best deals on canvases.  I narrowed it down to Snapfish (where I recently ordered one for my mom) and Canvas on Demand (which came highly recommended by my friend Megan.  Both canvases turned out to cost less than $100 with the coupons that I found on RetailMeNot (my favorite coupon site EVER) and some other deals when I just Googled Snapfish or Canvas On Demand Coupon Codes.   Canvas On Demand also tends to have Groupons in various cities, so search through Groupon's cities to see if you can find a deal.  Last Groupon was pay $45 for a canvas valued at $126.  I of course bought it for my next project I have yet to determine.

The end result was that Walt LOVED it, as did I when I saw the finished product. If you are looking for gift ideas, I highly recommend using a photo and blowing it up on a canvas, it adds a personal touch and you can never have too many pictures, right?


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